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Follow These 4 Easy Steps and Make This Anthro-Inspired Swing Shelf

When it comes to decorating our homes on a budget, we’re always up for the challenge. First, we revamped our kitchen with these IKEA Hacks, then we added a new tassel rug to our bedroom and now we’re moving to the workspace area. Whether your style is trendy and sophisticated or cozy and rustic, we can guarantee this DIY will help to pull off any look on a budget. All it takes is a piece of cord and wood and you can make this $108 Anthro shelf for almost zero dollars ;)
Materials and Tools: 
  • 15×6-inch piece of wood 
  •  (1) 60-inch piece of jute rope
  • drill
  •  ruler 
  •  pencil
  • scissors


1. Take your pre-cut piece of wood and measure one inch from the top and one inch from the left. Mark that spot, then repeat on the other side. Repeat, but this time measure one inch from the bottom. Mark the spots with your pencil.

2. Drill to create four holes.

3. Take your piece of rope and cut it in half.

4. Thread the first piece of rope through the top holes and tie a knot as shown below. Repeat with the other piece and you’re done.
Start by taking your piece of wood and measuring one inch from the top and one inch from the left edge. Mark that spot with the pencil, then do the same thing on the other side. Next repeat, but this time measure one inch from the bottom. Now that you’ve marked your four spots, use the drill to create some holes. 

At this point, take your piece of rope and cut in half. Thread the first piece of jute rope through the top holes and tie a knot as shown above. Repeat with the other piece. Voilà, you’re done! 

Such a fun project! Perfect to show off all your colorful notebooks, cards and other supplies!
by:Irene Fucci

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